K3 Mbbr Media

2020-11-15 09:53:54

Product Description

k3 mbbr media, k3 biological media measures 25 x 12 mm, it's designed to be self-cleaning and to constantly move freely within your filter, requiring little to no maintenance. The k3 mbbr media provides maximum surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria to colonize making this media very efficient. With matured bacteria, this media is the most efficient in removing ammonia and nitrites. The waste water go through the suspending media of MBBR reactor, form the biological membrane on the surface of the media gradually, with the action of the microbial on the biological membrane, the waste water is purified. K3 biological media can move freely in the reactor with the mixing of the water, the k3 biological media is also perfect diy applications for moving bed filter applications and is research proven to be efficient.  
K3 MBBR Media Using Scope :
1. Project title, the amount of upgrading sewage treatment plant
2. New sewage treatment project of MBBR and BAF process
3. Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water
4. River nitrogen, phosphorus removal
5. Aquaculture in removall of ammonia nitrogen, water purification
6. Biological filler biological deodorization tower

K3 MBBR Media Specification:





Surface  area

>500 m²/m³



Ratio of filling




Efficiency of denitration


oxidation efficiency of BOD5

6000g BOD5/(m³.d)

Note: other size, such as 25*10mm or 20*9mm could aslo arrange production as customer request.

Our advantage:
1. More than 10 years manufacture experience
2. Premium quality material with Virgin High Density Polyethylene.
3. Except stock size , our factory can also can produce special size as u need
4. ISO Certificated
5. Full information about package, weight will be provided